Friday, 5 March 2010

General blogspot comments

Some blogs have not included the results of their surveys. Questions 2, 4 and 5 in the evaluation (7 part evaluation - Seven point evaluation) are dependent on your survey, and if you don't publish the results on your blog, you will be without evidence, which the exam board insists on you having.
All blogs are short of evidence. Do it like this - where you have stated that something is a fact, you have to prove it.
"The colours I have used are eye-catching". Says who? You do - but that is a subjective opinion. It isn't enough for the exam board. They want you to have researched the use of colour on other sites, why an audience might prefer particular colours, how your colours are placed on your pages and matched with each other and across the site.
So the answer is much bigger than you think - and "eye-catching" is not a very good word.
Quite a few do not have all the work needed in their blogspot - please check the list at The list of Blogspot content.

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